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we also dry our own food at Drym

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Our processes are driven by continuous research and development, striving to make the food nutrition dense, light weight, healthy and easy to prepare. Our current facilities are in Rai and Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR. Our current food processing technologies include freeze drying and dehydration. We are continuously investing in building our capacity and our product range for our clients.



I would really like to thank al the people at DryM foods for customising meals for my mother who is a patient of kidney disease. It was god sent! I did not have to worry about her diet & meals when she visited me abroad.
They were accommodating every step of the way & delivery was on time.
More than anything else, the food was tasty! Thank you so much! Look forward to ordering again!

Soniya Doshi

V good service, dal parathas are v tasty.
Food is packed in a very practical and hygienic manner. Freeze dried food tastes v good.

Vibha Gupta

Drym foods came as a saviour for my kids studying abroad who miss their ghar ka khaana away from home. Mrinalini mam goes extra mile to accomodate needs of its clients. Very professional with personalised touch. Highly recommended 🫶🏻

Shefali Modi

My son has gone to uk for studies sometimes he didn't have time to cook food.i was worried about him then I came to know about DryM foods they dehydrated food and pack it nicely so I cooked food nd send it to them.they made the food dehydrated with nice packing nd very clear instructions .I was surprised after seeing the packing.i gave it to my son he is very happy with the Home made without using preservative nd chemical food
Thanks to dry m food nd team👍

Navita Mittal

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